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Re: pteros have lift-off

MH wrote:

It's still completely folded until about 0.25, more than likely. But, if it wants, our leaping pterosaur can simply leave the wing finger folded up until the 0.7 mark when it begins to downstroke. It makes the initial upstroke faster anyway.

I think that's all l I had to hear. That's fixes everything if in your model the wing stays folded until apogee or the beginning of the downstroke. Sort of like a swan dive, except no swan and no dive.

That makes a spectacular image.

Last question, how long of a run (in terms of # of footprints) -- to gain speed to load the forelimbs -- before the leap? Perhaps zero for tiny pterosaurs, more for larger ones?


PS The old image from Walking With Dinosaurs of old and giant Ornithocheirus shuffling around like an old man on crutches has to go by the wayside. No wonder the CG artists did not show it taking off. Rather, like Bela Lugosi, they show you the 'before leaving the casket' and the 'standing by the casket,' but not the 'awkward, grunting, getting out of the casket.'