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Re: Pterosaur Ichnogenera?

Welcome to the List!

See page 24 of Mike Hanson's Pterosaur Species List for a (complete, I think?) list of pterosaur ichnotaxa:


Personally, I tend to use 'reply' or 'reply all,' but simply make sure that the List's email address appears in the To field. Some messages in my inbox show the address in the cc field, so that appears to work as well.

The main thing is to ensure your email format is set to plain text and that the message includes line breaks. I used to type long messages in Word and attempt to paste them into my plain-text emails, not realizing that it mucks with the line breaks (regardless of how it looks on your screen). Took me awhile to figure out that not all Listers could read my posts when I did this.


Rob Taylor
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Subject: Pterosaur Ichnogenera?

Have any ichnogenera been attributed to pterosaurs besides Haenamichnus, Pteraichnus, and Purbeckopus? Information on ichnotaxa seems moderately difficult to come by.Also, if I want to reply to a message on the list can I just reply like it was a personal email I received or do I have to compose a new message aimed at the list address and insert "Re:" into the thread name myself? I've never been a member of a mailing list before, so I'm not familiar with the mechanics.Thanks,Abyssal