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Re: Pterosaur Ichnogenera?

Thanks for the list, I had no idea that Hanson's list included ichnogenera, or 
I would have looked there first. That's a big help. :)

Are my line breaks working?


Thanks for all the help. :D


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> Date: Friday, January 16, 2009, 2:56 AM
> Welcome to the List!
> See page 24 of Mike Hanson's Pterosaur Species List for
> a (complete, I think?) list of pterosaur ichnotaxa:
> http://www.archosauria.org/pterosauria/taxonomy/species.pdf
> Personally, I tend to use 'reply' or 'reply
> all,' but simply make sure that the List's email
> address appears in the To field. Some messages in my inbox
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> well.
> The main thing is to ensure your email format is set to
> plain text and that the message includes line breaks. I used
> to type long messages in Word and attempt to paste them into
> my plain-text emails, not realizing that it mucks with the
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> Took me awhile to figure out that not all Listers could read
> my posts when I did this.
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> Subject: Pterosaur Ichnogenera?
> > Have any ichnogenera been attributed to pterosaurs
> besides Haenamichnus, Pteraichnus, and Purbeckopus?
> Information on ichnotaxa seems moderately difficult to come
> by.Also, if I want to reply to a message on the list can I
> just reply like it was a personal email I received or do I
> have to compose a new message aimed at the list address and
> insert "Re:" into the thread name myself? I've
> never been a member of a mailing list before, so I'm not
> familiar with the mechanics.Thanks,Abyssal
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