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Could I add by this way this Nyctosaurus abstract to DML?  Jiri Meixner.... 
it´s from Lida Xing´s page:

Abstract: The Nyctosaurus specimen KJ1 is reconstructed under the hypothesis 
that there is a membrane attached to the crest, the so-called headsail crest. 
The aerodynamic forces and moments acting on headsail crest are then analyzed. 
It is shown that KJ1 might adjust the angle of the headsail crest relative to 
the air current as one way to generate thrust (one of the aerodynamic forces, 
used to overcome body drag in forward flight) and that the magnitude of the 
thrust and moment could vary with the gesture angle and the relative location 
between the aerodynamic center of headsail crest and bodyˇŻs center of gravity. 
Three scenarios are tested for comparison to each other: the crest with 
membrane attachment, the crest without membrane attachment and the absence of 
cranial crest. It is shown that the aerodynamic characteristics (increasing, 
maintaining and decreasing thrusts and moments) would almost disappeared in 
flight for the crest without membrane attachment and none existent
 without the cranial crest. It is suggested from aerodynamics evidence alone 
that Nyctosaurus specimen KJ1 had membrane attached to the crest and used this 
reconstructed form for auxiliary flight control.


Thanks for upload.... Jiri