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Re: pteros have lift-off

Last question, how long of a run (in terms of # of footprints) -- to gain speed to load the forelimbs -- before the leap? Perhaps zero for tiny pterosaurs, more for larger ones?

Zero for the largest ones. JimC


Then how about the second largest ones?

I have a problem because in pteranodons, nyctosaurs and ornithocheirids the tiny fingers are far forward of the glenoid, so much so that the antebrachium is horizontal when terrestrial. Short legs add to the problem. Somehow, then, the fingers have to move behind the center of gravity so that the launch is in the anterior direction, following your need for a 30º launch trajectory. I think we talked about this earlier and the need for a pole vault scenario (run followed by a hind limb leap) to shift the fingers below or behind the shoulder glenoid.

David Peters