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Re: pteros have lift-off

I think we talked about this earlier and the need for a pole vault scenario

I think you talked about the need for a pole vault scenario -- I don't recall that anyone else sees it as a requirement.

Actually, this one is my fault: I mentioned the "vault" phase of the launch on several occasions, and likened the forelimb to a folding vaulting pole at least a couple of times. Apparently there was some confusion as a result.

When I refer to "vaulting" in the context of quad launch, it simply means that the animal is pushing onto the forelimbs, pivoting over the manus to some degree, from a standing start. The hindlimbs give a dual push to initiate this launch phase, but there isn't an aerial phase leap coming off the hindlimbs alone, nor is there a running start.

Which brings me back to the issue of running launches once again. Just to reiterate: running launch is, by and large, not associated with greater power, better launch speed, or a solution to larger size in living flyers. It is a secondarily derived launch state in many living birds associated with taxa that utilize takeoffs from compliant surfaces (i.e. water).



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