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Re: Pterosaur Ichnogenera (for completenesses sake...)?

My list contains all ichnotaxa thus far named that are considered pterosaurian 
or which were once considered pterosaurian

So far there are no oötaxa named, though Dave Peters did end up assigning a 
certain name to the embryo within an egg. By the looks of it the name seems to 
be valid too, though it does push the limits of what can be considered valid, 
and what is not an oötaxon.

As a side note, the holotype of Oolithes sphaericus was apparently considered 
pterosaurian by Seeley, but this was before the name was given to the specimen, 
so it doesn't count.

Saint Abyssal wrote:
> I know we have some good pterosaur egg fossils but I haven't heard of any 
> actual oogenera being erected to hold them. Have any? If so what are they 
> called? Google hasn't been kind to my inquiries, and I don't recall 
> encountering names in Unwin's book. 
> Include references if you have them, some of Bennet's bibliography's papers 
> mention eggs, but none mention the erection of ootaxa so I'd have no way to 
> ascertain references just by searching the page for the genus name.
> Thanks,
> ~Abyssal