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Re: New names in dissertations

Dan Chure wrote:

> I don't have the paper at hand, but I believe that Kim
> also published the name as Ultrasauros to avoid
> "synonymy".

It was Olshevsky (1991) who erected _Ultrasauros_ for _U. macintoshi_, as a 
replacement name for the preoccupied _Ultrasaurus_ Jensen.  Thus, _Ultrasauros_ 
Olshevsky has _U. macintoshi_ Jensen as its type species.  Apparently the name 
"Jensenosaurus" was proposed as a replacement for _Ultrasaurus_ Jensen, but 
never formally used.

Both _Ultrasauros_ Olshevsky and _Ultrasaurus_ Jensen are currently considered 
to be subjective junior synonyms of _Supersaurus_ Jensen, given that the type 
material appears to be referrable to _Supersaurus vivianae_.