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Re: Dinosaur images from LIFE magazine

At 12:07 PM +1100 1/19/09, Dann Pigdon wrote:
>Quoting quailspg@frii.com:
>> Michael Patrick Corriss wrote:
>> > Are there any photos of Barnum Brown where he's
>> > dressed in anything less than looking like he's
>> > ready for Sunday services?
>> :-D
>> Judging from the photos in Roland Bird's book, BONES FOR BARNUM BROWN, his
>> field attire consisted of light-colored, baggy slacks, a long-sleeved,
>> button-down shirt, and a pith helmet. In one group photo, he's added a
>> natty bow tie to this get up, and in a more candid shot, he's shirtless.
>> [Woo woo!]
>No bullwhip? :)

I've seen a photo of Roland Bird's brother Junius Bird, who was an 
archaeologist at the American Museum of Natural History, which bears an uncanny 
resemblance to Indiana Jones in his (or Harrison Ford's) younger days. See 

No bullwhip, but he wears the Fedora well... 
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