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Re: Abyssal's official pterosaur question thread

The description is pretty brief, but that is indeed the one that coins the 
generic name. I don't have the original paper, but if you visit the Pterosaur 
Database you can find a transcription of it among a list of archived sources. 
Here are the links:

The Pterosaur Database: http://www.pterosaur.co.uk/
Archived Sources: http://www.pterosaur.co.uk/archive/papers.htm
Direct Link to Paper: http://www.pterosaur.co.uk/archive/SO-1876-Marsh.pdf

Best regards,
Rob Taylor
The Theropod Archives

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From: Saint Abyssal <saint_abyssal@yahoo.com>
> I've had difficulty confirming the paper in which Nyctosaurus was described. 
> My 
> best guess so far is that it is the following entry from the pterosaur 
> bibliography page:
> Marsh, O. C. 1876. Principal characters of American pterodactyls. American 
> Journal of Science, Series 3, 12:479-480.
> Am I right?
> ~Abyssal