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RE: Looking for help from someone stemming from Spinosaurus

There is very little material for Spinosaurus and all the original type was
destroyed during WWII.  You will get more from Baryonyx and Suchomimus.
Don't recall seeing any of the workers on those on the list, Paul Sereno and
Angela Milner.


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Subject: Looking for help from someone stemming from Spinosaurus

I'm once again asking for assistance.  I'm looking for any information I can
about the reconstructions(modern) of S. aegypticus, the skull, proposed
strength of the skull(in regards to prey), size, as well as any other
information someone might have.  I'm really looking to bounce some of these
questions off of someone who has worked fairly extensively with either
Spino, or other Spinosaurids(Baryonyx, Irritator, Suchomimus).  This is a
little more off the wall than a normal paper request, but I figured I'd give
it a try.
Thanks List!
Josh Wennes