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RE: pteros have lift-off

David Peters wrote:

> And you might want to reread the Langer and student
> abstract in the 2008 JVP abstracts. That will bring the
> total to 2.

Not having seen or read the Langer and student abstract in question, could you 
(or someone else) elaborate?  Or at least cite these "2".

(I know of two Tecovas taxa (Late Triassic, Texas) that have been earmarked as 
potential proto-pterosaurs.  But these have yet to be formally described.)

Tom Holtz wrote:

> _Guanlong_, a basal tyrannosauroid, is older than _Archaeopteryx_.

Thanks - I'd forgotten about that one.  I guess _Guanlong_ would be the oldest 
coelurosaur that has forelimbs preserved.  Forelimb length is about 60% of the 
hindlimb length.