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Re: pteros have lift-off

Looking back over some of my old notes, I noticed that on March 7, 1999, in a letter to Paul MacCready I wrote, "Combined with phasing of the foreleg and back leg stroke production that should allow the leap to take the shoulder velocity to the vicinity of best L/D without exceeding a load factor of about four". I'm still messing about with the quad leap, and currently I'm getting a launch to Vminsink with an acceleration of about 3.78 g's with the terrestrial part of the launch about 0.31 seconds in duration. Vminsink is slower than Vbg, but 3.78 vs. 4 does seem to me to be in the vicinity for guvm'nt work. Launching to Vminsink ameliorates the work required during the terrestrial launch by loading the wings more heavily once they do start to flap. My hunch is that now further work on optimization can get the launch acceleration down toward the vicinity of 3 to perhaps 3.25.