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Re: Sobral and Langer 2008 (was pteros have lift-off)

Can you provide some references to your published articles? I'd be interested to read them.

:-° <innocent whistling>

As in any taxa, when you include the right
candidates, the mystery becomes less of a mystery.

How do you determine the 'right' candidates to include in the first place?

You don't. You "simply" make a complete phylogenetic analysis of (for bats) placentals, or (for pterosaurs) archosauromorphs or even amniotes as a whole. Scare quotes because that's a nice topic for a PhD thesis (or two if you want to see all the fossils yourself before coding them).

Namesake Peters has made an amniote analysis that got submitted to a journal, was sent out for peer-review, and was rejected long ago (long before we on this list explained to him how to prepare a data matrix for a phylogenetic, as opposed to phenetic, analysis). The data matrix contained lots of misinterpretations of line drawings in the literature, correlated characters, and so on; unsurprisingly, the resulting cladogram contained lots of, let's say, surprises. I don't know what has happened to that matrix since then, though.