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Re: Dinosaur Secrets (Jurassic Fight Club)

On 23-Jan-09, at 10:05 AM, john hunt wrote:

Watched Tom's latest talking head performance last night in what I am
assuming was the UK version of Jurassic Fight Club, T-rex vs Nano. Two

Why do dinosaur's have such white teeth in US CGI TV programmes. Was there
a cretaceous T rex dentist?

Speaking of mouths, I just wish they could keep theirs shut for longer than barely 5 second intervals. What kind of hunter exactly goes around making its presence known, "murmuring" to itself CONSTANTLY and then thinks it can somehow surprise itsprey?

The Nano just looked wrong - like some cartoon dinosaur out of Land Before
Time. The CGI in WWD was just more convincing and that was 10 years ago
(nearly - first broadcast October 1999)!

I completely agree. I don't mean to disrespect the CG modelers/ texture artists & animators. They all have skill that much surpasses my own, but the legs on most of the theropods remind me of that movie where dudes' hand has a life and intentions of its own, independent of the original host.