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No more - Re: Time to get up to date?

No more posting on "Time to get up to date?"  This thread regards  list 
policy, which is not a topic for discussion on the list.  See  
http://dml.cmnh.org/2008Dec/msg00002.html, but we are always happy to entertain 
 suggestions _off 

// If you're new to the DML... we have  implemented a filter designed
// to block all MIME or html coded portions of  messages.  We had to
// do this to prevent viruses from circulating  through the list.  In
// order for your messages to reach everyone, and  more importantly
// in order for your messages to appear in the archive, you  *MUST*
// send them as plain text only.  If you have any doubts about  whether
// you are doing this, please check the archives to see how  your
// messages are appearing.  If you do not know how to format your  mail
// as plain text only, please see:  http://www.expita.com/nomime.html
// For more explanation about the  filter and MESSAGE TRUNCATED errors, 
// please see:  
// As  I noted previously, I've added instructions on how to see the plain 
// text  alternative for a few programs: Pine, AppleMail, Juno, and Netscape.
// Check  out the MessageTruncation page if you want to see those
// instructions or  would like to add instructions for other mail readers.
// As always,  comments on policy are welcomed as long as they are made
// to the  list-owners and not to the list. -- MPR
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