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Fw: Abyssal's official pterosaur question thread

Sorry, Rob, this should have gone to the list.

Lithosteornis and Osteornis
Gervais, F. L. P. 1844. Remarques sur les oïseaux fossiles.

Oiseaux, with one dot on the i.

Pteromimus and Procoelosaurus
Atanassov, M. N. 2002. Two new archosaur reptiles from the Late Triassic of Texas. PhD dissertation, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas. 352 pages.
(Confirmed, as I have a copy)

Very few theses count as published under the ICZN, so probably these names aren't valid yet.

(On the other hand, perhaps the UMI should sue the ICZN... :-> )

Lydekker, R. 1888. Catalogue of the fossil Reptilia and Amphibia in the
British Museum (Natural History). I. London. pp. 2-42. (This is another
title that can be found on the Pterosaur Database's list of Archived

Oh. So that one kept haunting popular books as "the smallest pterosaur" maybe 100 years after it was sunk into synonymy...

Fischer von Waldheim, J. G. 1813. Zoognosia tabulis synopticus illustrata,
in usum praelectionum Academiae Imperalis Medico-Chirurgicae Mosquenis
edita. 3rd edition, volume 1. 466 pages.


Also try the French/fake Latin version "Fischer de Waldheim".