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Paluxy River stuff

Here's a new one for the dinosaur track lovers, especially those interested in 
the tracksites of the Paluxy River (Glen Rose Fm):

Laurie E. Jasinski, 2008.  Dinosaur Highway: A History of Dinosaur Valley State 
Park.  Texas Christian University Press, Fort Worth, ISBN 978-0-87565-375-4, 
paperback, $19.95.  See  http://www.prs.tcu.edu

It's a nice little book from the same publisher that did R.T. Bird's memoirs.  
A lot of it goes into the human and cultural history of Somervell County, 
Texas, but there is quite a bit about the dinosaur tracks.  Laurie found some 
nice old photos of prints taken by the locals during the early 20th Century, 
including at least one I hadn't seen before.  She also has a nifty photo and 
map of the tracks in a test boring that Texas Parks and Wildlife dug down into 
the bedrock, away from the river valley, to see if there were any prints to be 
found in the tracklayer there, and obviously there were.  It's nice to get some 
of the information and photos Laurie ferreted out published so that this stuff 
can be cited.  And there is a rather funny picture on p. 129.

R.T. Bird gets a lot of attention, as you'd expect, and there are interviews 
with Glen Kuban and myself.  The goofy "man tracks" are handled critically but 
diplomatically.  So if you are really into dinosaur footprints, you'll probably 
want a copy of this one.