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Re: Abyssal's official pterosaur question thread

> From: Rob Taylor <rjtaylor68@comcast.net>
> Interesting. I tracked down an online item that addresses
> the Nesodon/Nesodactylus issue. Try the following (Tiny)
> URL:
> http://tinyurl.com/dh3mhg

Hmm. That page was harvested from Wiki and it's my Wiki-related junk that 
inspired me to ask about this stuff in the first place. I can't believe I 
missed that in the Nesodactylus article...

> From: Rob Taylor <rjtaylor68@comcast.net>
> If for any reason it doesn't work, it appears the pub
> you're looking for is this one:
> Jensen, J. A. and J. H. Ostrom. 1977. A second Jurassic
> pterosaur from North America. Journal of Paleontology
> 51(4):867â870.

Thanks for the cite!

> From: Mike Hanson <mhanson54@comcast.net>
> And yes, 'Nesodon' is very much a misspelling and
> as such is not included in my list...

Which is why *my* list will be more comprehensive than yours. That's right, I 
went there. Whutcha gonna do about it? :P

> From: Mike Hanson <mhanson54@comcast.net>
>there are an infinite number of
> possibilities for them, and may muddy the waters badly,
> especially in this case where the genus *Nesodon* belongs to
> a toxodont.

Seriously though, I think that's a pretty good reason to include them; 
clarifying the situation to preempt any confusion. It's your list of course, 
and it's good as it is anyway, but I think including things like lapsi 
calamorum (did I get that right?) can be valuable. Which is why the Wiki list 
includes those kinds of things. :)

Shout out to Yasmani Ceballos Izquierdo for the papers sent and an Mm Bop to 
Mike Hanson for the Paranurognathus cite. :P