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Re: Time to get up to date?

Try www.mesozoico.com.ar. That Forum have all you mention. Only that many messages was writed in spanish.

john hunt escribió:
Surely whether it's a change for the worse is a matter of opinion.  I would
find a forum using some of the readily available forum software that allows
posting of images, attaching documents, keeps all related posts together,
can be subdivided into Sauropod, Theropod, Pterosaur etc forums and does not
muck up URL's would be a distinct improvement.

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john hunt writes:
> Hi James
> > Thanks for that - I will try getting a digest and see if that's
> easier to use. I must admit to being quite surprised at the level
> of hostility to change [...]

I think what you're seeing here is hostility to change _for the
worse_.  Despite the Obama campaign, not _all_ change is an
improvement :-)

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