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Re: Saturday Night At The Movies

And if that's
_Brachiosaurus_, then we've been putting the wrong skull on it all this
Uh... it was only indicative, and thanks, I know what a Brachiosaurus skull looks like but I don't think it was the case of the guys who made this movie (see below for an explanation about it).

Dino Guy Ralph writes:
Not Ray Harryhausen, but rather Willis O'Brien.
Danvarner writes:
Brachiosaurus made its screen debut in Willis O'Brien's 1925 version of "The Lost World". The Behemoth was animated by Pete Peterson for O'Brien many years later. DV
Well, I actually mistook one movie for another. "The Giant Behemoth" (1959) is the remake of "The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms" (1953). In the latter one, the Eastern Coast of North America is attacked by a gigantic 30 meter long carnivorous dinosaur (the fictional "Rhedosaurus") animated by Ray Harryhausen - the successor of Willy O'Brien, besides. For the remake, the dinosaur changed into a kind of sauropod. I didn't watched this movie, but I like this part of the plot (dixit Wiki): "From a picture of one print, a paleontologist determines the animal is a /Brachiosaurus/ that can project electric shocks and is saturated with radiation". Great, isn't it ? Anyway, the animation of the monster was - indeed - originally the work of Willy O'Brien and used later by his assistant Pete Peterson (as Dan said).