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Re: Abyssal's official pterosaur question thread

Sheesh... for a guy who's supposed to be into theropods, I've sure been active 
on the pterosaur front lately!

Having gone through a similar exercise in the not too distant past, I'll share 
what I came up with:

"He" and "Xinlu" are one and the same - depending on your convention, either He 
Xinlu or Xinlu He.
Ludwig DÃderlein
L. F. Kanznyshkina - still hunting! (Would appreciate a heads up if you learn 
Gennady O. Cherepanov
Alexander O. Averianov
Llewellyn I. Price

I would urge you to verify these independently - there's nothing but my own 
interests driving my paleo pursuits and bibliographic research, so it's 
possible I may have made an occasional leap of faith in arriving at a name!

Best regards,

Rob Taylor
The Theropod Archives

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I need the full names of some pterosaur workers, if you please.

The "He" and "Xinlu" that named *Angustinaripterus*.

The L. DÃderlein that named *Anurognathus*.

The Kanznyshkina, L.F.and Cherepanov, G.O who helped name Arambourgiania.

The Averianov of Aralazhdarcho fame

And the Price that named Araripesaurus

Thanks in advance.