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AW: over-achieving bird-brains

> For me (and it may be lack of imagination) it is difficult
> to imagine how cognitive superiority would help them at the
> K/T. Are we still favoring the re-entering ejecta idea?
> And, whereas similar flight ability in neos and enantis is
> used to reject the replacement hypothesis, I would think the
> three advantages listed above by Lefebvre would apply more
> to an intact ecosytem, giving neornithines greater advantage
> in good times, i.e., facilitating replacement before rather
> than after the fire from heaven rained down.
> This possibility is not discussed.

Well, let's put it that way: they FALSIFIED the assumption that cerebral 
evolution COULD NOT have had something to do with it. We had been suspecting as 
much, but it's nice to be more certain, and more data is good data in any case.