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Articles and Paper about Well-preserved 'Dinosaur Mummy'

1. Well-preserved 'dinosaur mummy' found in North Dakota entices 
scientists with glimpse of fossil skin. Daily News Staff, July 1, 2009


2. "Dinosaur Mummy" Has Skin Like Birds' and Crocodiles'
National Geographic by Christine Dell'Amore, âJune 30, 2009â


3. Dinosaur mummy yields organic molecules: âThis is the first 
dinosaur to reveal intact skin structure,â expert says by Jennifer
Viegas, June 300, 2009.


4. Mummified dinosaur skin yields up new secrets, University 
of Manchester, âJuly 1, 2009â.


5. Fossil Hunters Uncover Rare Dinosaur Skin by Christopher Joyce,
Morning Edition, National Public Radio, July 3, 2009


The paper is:

Manning, P. L., P. M. Morris, A. McMahon, E. Jones, A. Gize, J. H. S. 
Macquaker, G. Wolff, A. Thompson, J. Marshall, K. G. Taylor, T.
Lyson, S. Gaskell, O. Reamtong, W. I. Sellers, B. E. van Dongen,
M. Buckley, and R. A. Wogelius, 2009, Mineralized soft-tissue 
structure and chemistry in a mummified hadrosaur from the 
Hell Creek Formation, North Dakota (USA). Proceedings B of 
the Royal Society. Published online before print July 1, 2009, 
doi: 10.1098/rspb.2009.0812.



Paul V. Heinrich