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dino's at the used book store!

Today's 4th-of-July Brownian motion carried past a used book store in Florence, 

I found "THE DAY OF THE DINOSAUR" by L. Sprague de Camp and Catherine Crook de 
Camp  -  not a bad little book - this is from 1985 and some things are now a 
tad radically different from what I see on the DML.  Any professional opinions 
on this tome?

Moving on over to Books-A-Million and their uncivilized SRP's, I grabbed the 
book "CHASED BY SEA MONSTERS" by Marvin and James.  I always got a kick out of 
the tv show on Discovery.  Glancing thru the very nice artwork, a couple 
questions popped into my noodle: 

  1) Tylosaurus rearing out of the sea to chomp a low-flying pterosaur - are 
there any actual stomach-content fossils to "prove" this sort of thing actually 
happened?   I know 'gators catch the occassional bird but usually the bird wins 
out ....
  2) Since these are the BBC WWD folks again, not surprisingly they re-use 
Liopleurodon as a subject, but holy James G. Watt quotes*, Batman! this book is 
copyright 2003! - and they are still toasting this beastie as the biggest 
predator ever!  Didn't they get enough butte-chewin' from the aftershocks of 


*How old is the earth? "Zillions of years."  Yeeup.