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Re: dino's at the used book store!

Well, occasionally seagulls and other seabirds are ingested by whales when the 
whales come up from below a school of fish, and breach the surface- with the 
seagull being on the surface or just above in an attempt to get at the fish 
near the surface.
I've also heard of Orcas regurgitating food on the surface, that attracts 
seagulls, that the Orcas then eat.

So.... if there is any reason for a pterosaur to be on or near the surface of 
the water, I could see it happening.

I doubt they would sit on the surface like a duck, and food that interests a 
pterosaur is probably too small to interest a Tylosaur (as its mouth is no good 
for catching schools of small fish en masse as some whales do today) - so aside 
from a floating carcass that a pterosaur is trying to get at, I doubt it 
happened much.

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> << 1) Tylosaurus rearing out of the sea to chomp a
> low-flying  pterosaur - 
> are there any actual stomach-content fossils to "prove"
> this sort of  thing 
> actually happened?   I know 'gators catch
> the occassional bird  but usually 
> the bird wins out .... >>
> As far as I know, no pterosaurs have been recovered 
> as stomach contents in 
> tylosaurs, but it would not surprise me in the least
> if  some were found as 
> they ate everything else, apparently.  See:
> http://www.oceansofkansas.com/Tylo-prey.html
> DV