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Re: Dinosaur Valley Girls

The movie poster for Dinosaur Valley Girls credits the music to Thomas Morse.

The poster can be seen in the photographic tour of Don Glut's home (see Dan Varner's July 1 DML post here: http://dml.cmnh.org/2009Jul/msg00004.html).

Far less fun (but much easier on the clicking finger), it can also be found via Google Images at http://www.frontlinefilms.com/dvg/images/scan0021.jpg.

Rob Taylor

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This would be, of course, the Don Glut movie. It is very broad humor (no pun actually intended) but has some nice dinosaurs as you would expect. I assume
Don wrote and recorded the music, perhaps with his group the Iridium Band.

We have had a few copies in the SVP silent auction.


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I would very much like to know who wrote the music for this!

Benn Breeden
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A bizarre movie conception about dinosaur and boobs...



Daniel M. Puglisi