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Re: Evolution in Science Fiction

Allen -
THanks. I hadn't realized Kurten wrote any fiction. 
- Best, Jeff

At 5:23 PM +1000 7/10/09, Allen Hazen wrote:
>Special category: Science fiction by an actual paleontologist, incorporating
>an idea (a "scenario") felt to be too speculative for a technical paper.
>That's roughly the reason Bjorn Kurtén gave for writing his "Dance of the
>Tiger" (about how the replacement of Neandertals by "Moderns" might have
>taken place).  Lots of fun.  The sequel, "Singletusk," incorporates the
>famous mammoths stabbing each other in the eye, falling over and crushing a
>coyote, find into one scene.
>... I've thought about trying to write a short story about a flint peddlar,
>a guy who hikes through late Ice Age France, selling good quality chipping
>stone to both Modern and Neandertal bands, and in the last paragraph
>reflects that both races are good people, not much to choose between them,
>though the moderns seem on average to have larger families...
>Allen Hazen
>Philosophy Department
>University of Melbourne

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