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Re: Evolution in Science Fiction

Thanks to everybody for all the great comments and ideas. I thought I'd read a 
lot of science fiction over the years, but you've reminded me how much I've 
missed (and some things I'd forgotten). The mentions of Verne and Wells were 
great because they were really speculating about evolution when the idea itself 
was young. Having only seen the movie version of Journey to the Center of the 
Earth, and that long ago, I hadn't caught the way the linke to ontogeny as they 
went inward. And split in the human evolution in "The Time Machine" fits 
perfectly into the thinking of the late 19th century. Great stuff. 

This is going to be a great panel. - Jeff

At 1:06 AM -0700 7/10/09, Ronald Orenstein wrote:
>George Gaylord Simpson wrote a novel about time-travel to the Mesozoic (I'm 
>not home so I don't have the exact title; something like "The Dechronization 
>of Frank NcGruder").

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