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teenysaurus as a pet - marine iguana

Assuming you could even get your hands on one [shot multiple times in the back 
by the Ecuadorian police, he drops the lizard and falls into waves...],
would the special diet requirements etc., etc. of
these critters preclude keeping one as a pet?

I know for their comfort a very large, low(ish) marine tank/terrarium would be 

I think these guys are really neat!
Has anyone observed them at any zoo or aquarium - they don't have them around 
here.  They might have them at the new super-duper Atlanta aquarium but haven't 
had a chance to get over there yet.

How far back do they go in the fossil record?  Were there ancestors or 
relatives of them during the Age of the non-avian Dinosaurs?
As an aside, a buddy of mine has a pet chuckwalla - the thing looks like it 
could easily chomp off a finger or two!   It was eating some cactus-jam when I 
was over there.