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AW: Icy blast from the past

> For your amusement. I recently
> bought a used paleo monograph, and tucked inside was a small
> news clipping from The Telegraph, dated 11/25/30, which
> reads as follows:
> Cordova, Alaska, Nov 25 (AP).
> Reports received from Valdez today said the carcass of a
> giant lizardlike creature, with fur in perfect condition,
> had been found on Glacier Island near there. The strange
> creature, reported to be 42 feet long, including a tail
> measuring 16 feet, was believed to have been preserved since
> prehistoric times by being encased in ice in the upper
> reaches of the Columbia Glacier. The ice was believed
> to have worked its way gradually to the area. The head
> was reported to be six feet long and the body twenty feet in
> length."
> To me the real question is why does the government and
> scientific community continue to hide and suppress such
> discoveries?

Because the flesh was ignominiously fed to foxes, while the skeleton made its 
way to a carnival ("Alaska's Prehistoric Monster â Millions of years old. 
Nearly 30 feet long. Baffles the scientific world. Queerest monster ever found. 
Discovered in Columbia Glacier. Now on Exhibit. Here for a short time. Don't 
miss it. 25 cents Adults, 15 cents, children any time."), perhaps: