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Re: Cretaceous Dawn RE: Evolution in Science Fiction

>> what about the book _Cretaceous Dawn_...it just hit the new-arrivals rack in 
>> my local library, so it may (or may not) be a new release. [...] (its an 
>> interesting look at time travel and the Hell Creek area - unless I misread 
>> something and its not really Hell Creek)

Cretaceous Dawn is just the novel Hell Creek by a different name. I
read it just after Christmas 2007. I wasn't very impressed by it;
there are a lot of confusing time travel elements that made the story
much more complicated than it needed to be.

And I haven't been following this thread closely so I do not know if
someone has already suggested it, but the horror novel The Relic
contains a lot of evolutionary elements. This novel, as well as
Terminal Freeze (by one of the same authors), considers a kind of
super-saltation or malevolent version of punk eek that produces
monstrous species that trigger extinctions. The more recent horror the
novel The Terror also has some brief discussion of Darwin and whether
the monster plauging the protagonists is a prehistoric remnant or
newly-evolved species. I also recall there being a book called Natural
Selection about killer manta rays, but I have not read that one.

Best wishes,