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SV: AW: Icy blast from the past

Try the Gamburtsev mountains. That is about the only place on Earth that
may have stayed frozen ever since the Cretaceous. Unfortunately it is a
bit inaccessible (under about 1000-1500 meters of ice). Since it would
probably take something like 30-40 degrees warming to thaw out the
Gamburtsevs it might be best to wait for Antarctica to move away from
the Pole. 

Tommy Tyrberg

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Can we predict that many more "queer" and astounding partially  
preserved "monsters" will emerge from the melting glaciers  in the  
arctic and antarctic regions in coming years? perhaps even plesiosaurs  
and/or other Cretaceous remains, which will probably be identified by  
local discoverers as "sea serpents" and the like?

> For your amusement.  I recently
> bought a used paleo monograph, and tucked inside was a small
> news clipping from The Telegraph, dated 11/25/30, which
> reads as follows:
> Cordova, Alaska, Nov 25 (AP).
> Reports received from Valdez today said the carcass of a
> giant lizardlike creature, with fur in perfect condition,
> had been found on Glacier Island near there. The strange
> creature, reported to be 42 feet long, including a tail
> measuring 16 feet, was believed to have been preserved since
> prehistoric times by being encased in ice in the upper
> reaches of the Columbia Glacier.  The ice was believed
> to have worked its way gradually to the area.  The head
> was reported to be six feet long and the body twenty feet in
> length."
> To me the real question is why does the government and
> scientific community continue to hide and suppress such
> discoveries?

Because the flesh was ignominiously fed to foxes, while the skeleton  
made its way to a carnival ("Alaska's Prehistoric Monster ? Millions  
of years old. Nearly 30 feet long. Baffles the scientific world.  
Queerest monster ever found. Discovered in Columbia Glacier. Now on  
Exhibit. Here for a short time. Don't miss it. 25 cents Adults, 15  
cents, children any time."), perhaps: