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Re: Icy blast from the past

On Fri, 10 Jul 2009, Dan Chure wrote:
For your amusement.  I recently bought a used paleo monograph, and
tucked inside was a small news clipping from The Telegraph, dated
11/25/30, which reads as follows:

Cool. What was on the back of the clipping? (old newspapers can be very

Cordova, Alaska, Nov 25 (AP).
Reports received from Valdez today said the carcass of a giant
lizardlike creature, with fur in perfect condition, had been found on
Glacier Island near there. The strange creature, reported to be 42 feet
long, including a tail measuring 16 feet, was believed to have been
preserved since prehistoric times by being encased in ice in the upper
reaches of the Columbia Glacier.  The ice was believed to have worked
its way gradually to the area.  The head was reported to be six feet
long and the body twenty feet in length."

To me the real question is why does the government and scientific
community continue to hide and suppress such discoveries?

That's because the aliens control the press...  <koff koff>