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Request for pdfs of Chinese papers

Dear list,

I'am looking for these rare Chinese publications:

Li, J., Ji, S., Yuan, C., and Ji, Q., 2006, Pterosaurs from China: Geological 
Publishing House, Beijing, 147pp.

Lu, J., 2005, Oviraptorid dinosaurs from Southern China: Geological Publishing 
House, 200pp.

Hu, C. C., Cheng, Z., Pang, Q., and Fang, X., 2001, Shantungosaurus giganteus: 
Geological Publishing House, 139pp. 

Tang, F., Jin, X., Kang, X., and Zhang, G., 2001, Omeisaurus maoianus, a 
complete sauropod from Jingyan, Sichuan: Reserach works of Natural Museum of 
Zhejiang, China Ocean Press, 127pp.

If someone has a pdf of one or the other paper, I'd be happy to receive a copy.

Many thanks in advance,

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