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RE: Pot-bellied dinosaur from Utah

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> > Kinda topical for DMLers...

Kinda topical?!?!?

> >
> > 
> http://news.yahoo.com/s/livescience/potbellieddinosaurskeletonfoundinu
> > tah
> >
> > Paper available tomorrow, it would seem.

And it is a pretty important paper, for reasons I have alluded to recently
on the list (although I had to rephrase it to the older version, namely
Zanno's 2008 SVP presentation).

> "The most complete skeleton of a type of pot-bellied 
> dinosaur, a therizinosaur, has been discovered in southern Utah."
> So, is the vernacular name for therizinosaurs "pot-bellied dinosaurs"
> now? (Didn't it used to be "scythe-clawed dinosaurs" or 
> something? Oh, how the mighty have fallen....)

I still promote "sloth dinosaurs"...

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