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Re: Ref for history of coprolite research paper

How not?

"Mercian Geologist 17, no 17 (2009): 101-111"

<-- This is the part of the cite that correspond to the journal, number and page.

Daniel M. Puglisi

Adrienne Mayor escribió:
Christopher J. Duffin's ref info appears at the bottom of the first page of his paper:

"Records of Warfare . . . Embalmed in the Everlasting Hills": A History of Coprolite Research,"
Mercian Geologist 17, no 17 (2009): 101-111

On Jul 16, 2009, at 11:22 PM, Tracy Ford wrote:

Was this something he published by himself or is it from a journal? There
isn't any page numbers or journal cited.