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University of Wyoming Geology Museum to be Re-opened Part Time


After much public protest and outcry, the University of Wyoming has found funding to reopen the S.H. Knight Geological museum part-time, without a curator or part-time secretary, beginning Aug. 24. But at least one member of the recently formed group, Friends of the S.H. Knight Geological Museum said its a solution that Doesnt address the major issues that were brought about by the termination of the (geological museum).

University of Wyoming President Tom Buchanan said he directed the museum to reopen after the UW Foundation identified private funds that would be used to pay for security so the museum could be open to UW visitors, on a part-time basis, through the coming academic year.

Meanwhile -


The University of Wyoming Board of Trustees moved one step closer Thursday toward construction of a new visual arts building. The trustees unanimously approved a request for legislative permission for the university to issue bonds for one of its capital facilities projects.
To construct the new facility, the university would issue bonds not to exceed $33 million, which would be paid for through UWs portion of federal mineral royalties, rather than requesting a state appropriation.