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Re: 190 million year old mammal footprints found

I wonder how new this news is. On one of the Discovery Channel series, may not be the one about dinosaurs and could be the one about protomammals that is part of a miniseries, it discusses tiny mammal-like reptiles who burrowed far beneath the surface to where there were roots and other moisture, and they survived the terrible long drought that killed most of the larger and more advanced animals that lived on the surface. It sounded as if they knew what and where these creatures were, and how they lived.

My guess is they also weren't the brainiest twigs on the protomammalian family tree. They didn't need to be anything like as smart as a crocodile. In fact, my small dinosaurs are laughing at this explanation of how mammals ended up with big brains full of empty space.

Dora Smith
Austin, TX

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Non-dinosaurian, but still very cool:


Guy Leahy