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Re: 190 million year old mammal footprints found

Discovery Channel Life Before the Dinosaurs. Available at You Tube. End part 6, and part 7. Phonetically spelled;

1 1/2 feet long, pairs off in spiral burrows. A reptile, but hears through bones in its jaw that will one day evolve into middle ear bones.

Dora Smith
Austin, TX

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Subject: Re: 190 million year old mammal footprints found

There's one mammal or near-mammal Lower Jurassic ichnogenus from Brazil, if I remember correctly, but I've forgotten the name!

South Africa's Elliot Formation has an ichnogenus called /Ameghinichnus/. That one's been accused of having been made by a non-mammalian tritylodontid.

I think that Arizona's Kayenta Formation manages possible trity burrows but again, neither my memory or my conveniently available notes can confirm that.

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I wonder how new this news is. On one of the Discovery Channel series, may not be the one about dinosaurs and could be the one about protomammals that is part of a miniseries, it discusses tiny mammal-like reptiles who burrowed far beneath the surface to where there were roots and other moisture, and they survived the terrible long drought that killed most of the larger and more advanced animals that lived on the surface. It sounded as if they knew what and where these creatures were, and how they lived.