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Re: Phorusrhacids killing large mammals in National Geographic Channel

On Fri, 24 Jul 2009, Erik Boehm wrote:
How "robust" is the immune system of an Osterich, or the immune system of birds in general?

I recently had a bird (a Budgie/parakeet) for all of 1 day after it was rescued from my cats mouth shortly after the cat caught it.
Apparently these birds are considered doomed from minor abrasions caused by cats - their immune system appears to be too weak to fend off an infection from a superficial cut, or at least a bite.

Is it likely a Phorusrhacid would be similarly doomed by a defensive bite from a mammal?

Not up on birds as pets - are they mass bred, so to speak? Parakeet farms? I wonder if that could weaken their immune system, and/or introduce
genetic problems like some dog breeds...