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Re: Late Cretaceous Arctic Climates

I've been talking about the extremely good possibility for at least seasonal ice at the poles during the K for years. So, I for one am glad to see yet another article that says this was probably the case. And Guy, there's really every reason to believe that the South Pole was the same... especially since, if memory serves, there were already a good deal of elevated mountain ranges at the time, and land completely cut off from the ocean. Isolate elevated land masses where the sun doesn't shine for part of the year and ocean currents that are obstructed due to those very same land masses, and you will get ice. I don't think there is really any way to avoid it. Similar situation goes for the North Pole as well (not so much the mountains, though there were some such as the Brooks Range in AK for example, but definitely the ocean current situation).


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Interesting... wonder if the southern Polar oceans were similar?

Guy Leahy