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beaks, teeth, gastroliths, unzipper-foot-claws

Very interesting discussions going on the past couple of days!

Gastroliths in theropods - is it possible these were ingested when a 
Spinosauridae-type dino augmented his fish diet with a easily accessible 
herbivore, and then just retained?

I wish we could have got the cassowary docu here in the states - I'll look for 
it online.  If these guys can use their feet in a deadly way then surely the 
'terror birds' could have?

I thought the whole advantage of the serrated teeth of some carnosaurs was to 
more efficiently dismember the flesh of a carcass?  The later tyrannosaurs had 
move conical teeth for dealing with bone, but I still would think they were 
better at getting the meat off the body than a wolf?

If the terror-bird beaks were used in eating plant matter, wouldn't they have 
had to be looking for something along the lines of the size of a coconut?  
Parrots have a more 'rounded' sort of beak to apply on fruits/nuts - the beaks 
of Phorusrhacids seem too elongated for that to be the mainstay of their diets?

Feel free to smash my statement with extreme prejudice.    :-)