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Re: DINOSAUR digest 4710

Are you sure these are really free, or only those from the previous year. I had no trouble downloading the 2008 paper, but repeated attempts at any of the 2009 trio resulted in errors - supposedly corrupt file, but I've had that error from a number of journal sites where they don't tell you that the articles must be paid for, and appear to download but never open. has anyone else without a univ/institutional access managed to get any of these?

At 12:04 AM 30/07/2009 -0700, you wrote:
All these are available free at http://www.zin.ru/journals/trudyzin/eng/contents.html.

Averianov, A.O., and Krasnolutskii. 2009. Stegosaur remains from the Middle Jurassic of west Siberia. Proceedings of the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences 313(2):153-167.