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Re: DINOSAUR digest 4710

The browser (as long as it is the up-to-date-iest version of it) shouldn't be 
an issue - Opera, SeaMonkey, Camino, Safari, OmniWeb, Firefox, Flock, any of 
the Linux browswers - if they aren't corrupted on the computer should work just 
fine. (Why anyone would want to suffer thru Internet Explorer, however, I don't 
The PDF's are in good shape so any PDF reader should handle them fine, too - 
FoxIt, Xpdf, Jpedal, Adobe Reader, Preview, or, alternatively if you have the 
appropriate extension/plug-in installed, via your web browser itself.

--- On Thu, 7/30/09, Robert Margulski <RMargulski@tellurian.net> wrote:

> From: Robert Margulski <RMargulski@tellurian.net>
> Subject: Re: DINOSAUR digest 4710
> To: DINOSAUR@usc.edu
> Date: Thursday, July 30, 2009, 7:14 PM
> Hi all,
> I downloaded it using Firefox 3.5.1
> and view it using Adobe Reader 9.1.2