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Re: Correct my grammar, please

Quoting gerarus@westnet.com.au:

A couple of quick questions for the classical language buffs out there (all in the name of constructing species epithets):

1. The genitive plural of the Latin word "mons" (mountain) - "montium" or "montum"?

"Montium", I'm pretty sure.

2. How does one construct diminutives in Greek? Specifically, what would be the diminutive of "eremites" (of the desert - so I want "of the little desert")?

The diminutive of "eremites" would be "eremition", but that would be 'little desert dweller'. 'Little desert' would be "eremion", so 'inhabitant of a little desert' would be "eremiotes", I think.

Nicholas J. Pharris