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Carniadactylus paper

A new paper by DMLister, Fabio Dalla Vecchia has been published.

Dalla Vecchia 2009. Anatomy and Systematics of the Pterosaur Carniadactylus (gen. n.) rosenfeldi (Dalla Vecchia, 1995). Rivista Italiana de Paleontologia e Stratigrafia 115(2):159-188

in which Fabio renames Eudimorphodon rosenfeldi, which was needed, and provides a great redescription of the fossil, which is also appreciated.

Fabio also places MPUM 6009 (formerly considered the Milano specimen of Eudimorphodon and a juvenile) in the same genus and species despite several differences, which, following Chris Bennett, Fabio considers ontogenetic. The smaller one (MPUM 6009) stands up to the shoulder of the larger one.

A new analysis takes a big leap and places anurognathids as the sister taxon to the pterodactylids, (as I recall, following one of Unwin's (2003) many results). Otherwise the tree shows quite a few great relationships which are duplicated in larger analyses.

Unfortunately Fabio did not test MPUM 6009 as a separate taxon to see if it would indeed nest with the former E. rosenfeldii.

David Peters
St. Louis