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Re: bird scapulae query

Apparently not, although the articulation between scapula and coracoid
is not very rigid in at least some birds I saw. The coracoid is
unmovably attached to the sternum, which moves in the sagittal plane
with ventilation, and this likely makes the scapula move also. These
movements are coordinated with flapping during flight, as far as I
remember... During terrestrial locomotion, they would be produced by
the respiratory motion of the ribs.

Bakker 86' said dinosaurs did not moved their scapulae in the manner
of quadrupedal dinosaurs, and this may be true; such a mammalian
motion does not appear to be present in crocodilians and birds.

2009/6/1 David Peters <davidpeters@att.net>:
> Do the scapulae of birds move along the ribcage during locomotion?
> If not, and they are more or less locked, at what node did this occur?
> David Peters
> davidpeters@att.net
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