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"Nate Murphy gets jail time in dinosaur fossil theft"

"Nate Murphy gets jail time in dinosaur fossil theft" 
Of The Gazette Staff
"Amateur paleontologist Nate Murphy has been  sentenced to 60 days in jail 
and fined $2,500 for stealing a raptor fossil from  a ranch near  Malta."
It's good that the jail time was added, but the fine is small.   If a 
person can sell a fossil for $250,000, a $2,500 fine isn't much.  The  Federal 
sentence is yet to come.
Murphy contends that the full story isn't yet known, and that those who  
testified against him had financial interests in the fossils.  
"He was also ordered to participate in a criminal-thinking program offered  
by the state Department of Corrections, Moses said."
Not sure what kind of program that is.

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