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Privately-Owned Alioramus

Hey everyone, 

I've already run this by the DML admins, and, as it refers to already-sold 
fossils, it is apparently alright to post this. 

I ran across a story about dinosaurs that were recently sold to private 
collectors.  Though they fixated on larger specimens, the stories all made 
passing mention of a skull attributed to Alioramus remotus.  One stated 
that this was actually one of four(!!!) skulls known for this animal.  

The story can be found here: 

Some images of the skull are here: 

Regardless of the debate on private collecting, I just thought it would be a 
good idea to put the word out that more remains attributed to Alioramus exist.  
I also hoped that someone might shed light on the mention of more Alioramus 
skulls.  Are any of these in the hands of museums or paleo-friendly 

Adam Pritchard